caroline bachmann | stefan banz
helter skelter – painting with the beatles

1 cover painting (100 x 120 cm),
33 paintings (52 x 63 / 63 x 52 each)
+ 4 large format bonus paintings (see indications)

oil on cotton each

the paintings shown here were made using materials from personal ­photo archives and the internet as well as from movies, books, magazines and other print media. the adoption in painting of subjects from politics, society and culture, both well-known and unfamiliar images, to merge them with each other and shift them to odd perspectives, resulted in “cover versions” that move away from the original both visually and in content, deriving their ­significance from an altered reflection context. the beatles were the ­inspiration for this form of appropriation. with the exception of four large bonus paintings (see format details at each illustration) and the cover paint­ing which measures 100 x 120 cm, all works are in the format 63 x 52 cm or 52 x 63 cm (upright).

cover painting

with a little help from my friends,
100 x 120 cm, 2007, cut in 100 pieces for an edition at davel 14 gallery, cully, switzerland: dorothy comingore putting together the jigsaw puzzle in the motion picture “citizen kane” by orson welles made in 1941.

seven from 33 paintings

i am the walrus, 53 x 62 cm, 2007: mozart’s skull (mozarteum collection, salzburg) on the body of a fat and slothful dog.

ticket to ride,
53 x 62 cm, 2007: alexander banz (1952–1974), a car enthusiast who lost his life as a passenger in a car crash, standing in front of an american limousine. on the wall, a picture of musidora as irma vep in the motion picture serial “les vampires” (1915–1916) by louis feuillade.

53 x 62 cm, 2007, private collection: superman saving the world. in the background, on the rooftop
of a high-rise building, a cowboy scarecrow.

can't buy me love,
53 x 62 cm, 2007: the space shuttle “discovery” at cape canaveral six weeks before take-off on 1 july 2006.

tomorrow never knows,
53 x 62 cm, 2007: four ­ancient chinese sculptures from the collection of the beijing capital museum.

i've got a feeling,
53 x 62 cm, 2007
, collection mamco, genève: paint­ing ­behind pink curtain at the entrance of a massage parlor in chaoyang ­district in ­beijing. collection mamco, geneva.

lady madonna,
53 x 62 cm, 2007, private collection: street vendor at a booth at the beijing panjiayuan flea market in front of a poster showing the ­famous chinese singer zhou xuan from the 1940s.

Four Large Format Bonus Paintings

working class hero,
305 x 400 cm, 2007: the great wall of china as a projection, painting, or vista, admired by a seated
andy warhol with sunglasses and satchel.

why don't we do it in the road,
210 x 170 cm, 2007: four nuns at san zaccharia in venice during the 2005 biennale. one of the nuns holds a transparent shopping bag with a book or calendar that shows frank zappa picking his nose.

golden slumbers,
210 x 160 cm, 2007/09, collection musée jenisch, vevey: view through the peephole(s) of marcel duchamps’s installation étant donnés: 1. la chute d’eau, 2. le gaz d’éclairage..., 1946-1966, philadelphia museum of art.

rocky raccoon,
210 x 170 cm, 2007: lee harvey oswald and greta garbo. the distorted portrait of greta garbo is a work by douglas gordon.